Rock and Water in Tanzania

On March 7, 8 and 9 of 2024, the first three-day Rock & Water Basic Training took place at the International School Tanganyaka in Dar es Salaam. The training was presented by Freerk Ykema, and organized by Advanced Trainer Margreet Faas-de Boer, assisted by her Tanzanian Rock & Water team. Forty teachers participated in the training, some from international schools and some from local, public schools. The evaluations of the training were extremely positive, expressing a desire to make Rock and Water available to every child and young person in Tanzania. Within that perspective, successive discussions have taken place with some school boards and Unicef Tanzania.

Prior to the three-day training, Freerk Ykema gave a presentation at the residence of the Dutch Embassy. The week also ended with a short training for the staff at the Dutch embassy.

Below is a link with photos that give an impression of the training. The photographer (and photos) were a gift from Mrs. Nadhège Bini (working at the Congolese Embassy in Dar es Salaam and married to the Congolese Ambassador), also a participant in the training and a team member of Rock and Water Tanzania.

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