Rock and Water trainer’s certificate

Rock and Water trainer

The official Rock and Water certificate (and the title ‘Rock and Water trainer’) can only be obtained by attending the 3-day basic training. Only then is the trainer accredited to provide the Rock and Water lessons as outlined in the Rock and Water practice book. Providing the Rock and Water lessons is limited to the pedagogical setting in which the trainer is trained (at school, think of teacher education).

The Rock and Water certificate expressly does not accredit training (in any form and for any purpose) to adults and professionals working in education and business (the certificate is not a Train-the-Trainer accreditation). The Rock and Water Institute is the only body that organizes, coordinates and facilitates training to teachers, social workers, etc.

For several years, the Rock & Water Institute has had the rule that the accreditation of the certified trainer (obtained by attending the 3-day R&W basic training) has a limited shelf life. Every four years after obtaining the Rock and Water trainer certificate, one must participate in a Refresher Day or one of the Rock & Water specialization trainings.

If this continuing education requirement is not met, the relevant Rots and Water trainer will be listed as inactive in our trainer database and will be notified, upon request from any clients (school board, parents, etc.).

For any Rock and Water training, participants are only certified by the Rock and Water Institute if they have attended all the time (100% attendance requirement) and actively participated in the training. Active participation is at the discretion of the Master trainer providing the training (in consultation with the Institute).

Currently, over 35,000 teachers and others in the Netherlands and Belgium have participated in a Rock & Water training. In other countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand, more than 35,000 trainers have also been trained together. It is estimated that since 1999, some 3 ½ million children worldwide have received Rock and Water training.

In addition, 450 Advanced Trainers and 20 Master Trainers have undergone specific training and education pathways, gaining specific accreditation. Specific in-depth/refresher days are organized annually for both RW Basic Trainers and Advanced Trainers and Master Trainers to bring the level of knowledge and expertise to the highest possible level.

Specialization training

Certification also occurs after attending one of the specialization trainings. After completing a specialization training, the participant is accredited to work with a specific part of the program (defined in a separate reader or book) within the target audience for which this training is intended.

Advanced Training

Rock and Water trainers who aspire to train their own school team through a One Day Introductory Training can follow the Advanced Training. This training is organized once a year in the Netherlands (sportcentrum Oudenrijn) and once a year in Australia (Newcastle). All trainings take place under the auspices of the Rock and Water Institute/Gadaku Institute. For more information, see Advanced Training.
Are you hiring an outside trainer and having doubts about his or her certification? If so, contact the Rock and Water Institute (RWI) at [email protected]. In fact, the RWI has a data file that lists all trainers with the training courses they attended (with location and dates).