Rock and Water International

Worldwide around 75,000 trainers have been trained (this number includes specialisation programs). Currently, Rock and Water trainings are provided on almost every continent; from New Zealand to Peru, from Kenya to China and from Utrecht to Perth. All over the world, the Rock and Water program is being received with open arms and similar effects are being achieved. The Rock and Water language and skills are cross-border.

International Rock and Water Training and Workshops


Countries where trainings or workshops are being and/or have been provided:

Netherlands Germany Belgium
Sweden Australia China
New Zealand Kenya Taiwan
Peru Turkey Haiti
England Scotland Mexico
Singapore The Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao, Saba) Canada
Japan United States (Florida) Argentina
Italy France Uganda

In addition to the above countries, Rock and Water trainers are active on all continents and in dozens of countries.

Australia / New Zealand

Since the beginning of the Rock and Water program, the RWI, under the international name Gadaku Institute, has been providing training in both Australia and New Zealand. Over the past 20 years, some 30,000 participants have taken one of the RW courses. This was done from 1999 to 2015 in a partnership with the University of Newcastle/Family Action Centre. From 2015 to the present, all RW training is provided in partnership with our Australian Master Instructors (MI). To that end, Australia is divided into two regions. Each region is owned by an MI who, in cooperation with the Gadaku Institute/RWI, is responsible for training in his area.

Master Instructor Regions Website
Brian Hayes Rock and Water Australia
Carl Marshall Rock and Water Queensland
Robin Schofield New Zealand




Supported by the Dutch Embassy in Peru, contacts and networks were established with various embassies, ministries, private schools and the business community. Rock and Water trainers Margreet de Boer and Rebeca Duarte have done important work and gave several presentations since 2017. They have gained a lot of experience working in women’s shelters (called “Hogars”) and training women in Iquitos in the Amazon. In 2018 and 2019, Freerk Ykema visited Peru several times to give presentations and trainings at the Ministry of Education and Justice and the Dutch Embassy. Through a media campaign (newspaper, radio, Internet, television), Rock and Water has gained a lot of publicity resulting, among other things, in a meeting with, and giving training to, the First Lady of Peru. In 2019, the first three-day training sessions with MI’s Bart Denaux, Klaas van Veen and Marcel Venis started in Peru. The objective is a national implementation of Rots and Water within education, youth care and social services with a particular focus on reducing violence against women and bullying at school.

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Several years ago, a group of teachers from Turkey attended the 3-day Rots and Water basic training as part of the Erasmus project. Advanced Trainster Gönül Dural delivered presentations, workshops and EDITs at a number of universities in Turkey. Teachers and decision makers are very positive about the psychophysical approach, formative value and scientific research findings of the Rock and Water program. Meanwhile, the first 3-day basic training has taken place in Turkey.

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Kenya – Nairobi

MI’s Klaas van der Veen and Harriette Modderman (FYSYK Wurk/Friesland) travel to Africa each year to train teachers as Rock and Water trainers in the slums of Nairobi (Kibera). Forty teachers across six schools have now completed the three-day training, some of them also the Focus on Girls specialization, and some have been trained as Advanced Trainers.
The teachers also receive practical training through “coaching on the job” in which Klaas and Harriette assist them while providing RW training to the children. Meanwhile, 1,000 children have received Rock and Water training. These trainings are part of the wonderful work that the Stichting4Life Foundation has now been doing in Kibera for over ten years.
Stichting4Life gives children in Nairobi’s Kibera slum a chance for a better future. Not by giving money, but by providing opportunities. For children through schooling to eventually a job. For mothers by helping them start small businesses that they can run independently to ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

Naturally, all RW trainings are pro bono activities and educational materials (RW books, posters, USB flash drives) are provided free of charge because the foundation depends on financial donations.

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Over the past ten years several training courses have taken place in England and Scotland including Edinburg, Fraserburg, Coventry and London at “Working with Men.

Since 2018, Rock and Water seminars have been organized in England by Scott Neely, RW trainer and director of Rock and Water Ltd. The RW program is included in the Early Intervention Foundation(

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