Primary school (age four to nine)


Learning path for the social-emotional development of students in primary school (age four to nine). This training and accompanying book are worth their weight in gold in the hands of a school team that really cares about the social-emotional development of all students and the prevention and/or reduction of bullying behavior.

Bullying can be decreased: through play, children in the age of four to nine of the Primary School learn to play and work together. It is precisely through the development of positive social competencies that an important foundation is laid for a positive learning and playing climate, which has a very important preventive effect on the development of bullying.

Finally it is possible to lead and guide children in the development of important social and communication skills in a simple, enjoyable and playful way. The book ‘Rock and Water Primary School’ is aimed at students from the age of four to nine. It contains 204 exercises and games, all of which are divided into simply written lessons, ten to twelve lessons per age-group, so that they are understandable and usable for the group teacher. The book is only provided when participating in the associated two-day Rock & Water Primary School training. The three-day Rock and Water basic training fits seamlessly with the two-day Primary School training and is intended for students from age nine and onwards. Together, both training courses ensure a structured, school-wide implementation of the Rock and Water program at primary school.

Each lesson consists of a clear lesson objective, lesson organization, learning points and reflection moments, and is supported by beautiful color photos. Experience shows that group teachers, due to work pressure and the wide variety of different educational themes they deal with on a daily basis, simply do not have the time to put together and shape lessons themselves. Hence the book Rock & Water Primary School and the associated two-day training of the same name.

For each age group within primary school, an outline is given of the psychological and social-emotional development and the associated developmental tasks. These are then linked to specific Rock and Water exercises, games and concepts for students in age four to nine of primary school. During the two-day training, the above aspects will be discussed through theory sessions, after which the various themes and exercises will be discussed through practical exercises. Furthermore, advice will be given that will lead to a successful school-wide implementation of the Rock & Water program. In addition, practical, very welcome training advice that gives group teachers the confidence to be able to teach Rock & Water in a thorough and enjoyable way, and thus make an important contribution

Study load

The two-day Primary School training consists of 16 contact hours with an additional estimated study load of 20 hours (minimum 8 hours).

1. Trailer of Primary School in Almelo with Eric Kok: Click here
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Practical information

Locations: The Primary School training is offered at various locations in the Netherlands: Sports Center Oudenrijn near Utrecht, Leek (Groningen), Weerselo (Overijssel) and Heeze (North Brabant). In Belgium, the training takes place in Ghent and Herzele. In addition, it is possible for a school/organization to purchase the basic training as an in-company (for more information see ‘In-company Trainings’). All courses are organized by the Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL and are presented by experienced Rock en Water Master Trainers.
Costs: € 560,- (VAT exempt). Costs include coffee, tea, lunch and the Rock and Water Primary School Book (with lesson plans for age four to nine)
Duration: The training consists of two consecutive days with a contact time of 16 hours and an estimated study load of 20 hours (minimum 8 hours).
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Trainers: Nick van Deudekom, Klaas van der Veen, Eric Kok, Bart Denaux, Stijn Janssens, Vismaya Bakker en Jordy Heinsdijk.
Accreditation: n/a


This course is a specialty training course. Therefore, it is recommended that you first attend the three-day Rock and Water Basic Training to gain a full understanding of, and insight into, the Rock and Water program before participating in one of the two-day specializations. Full Rock and Water Trainer accreditation can only be obtained by completing the three-day Rock and Water basic training.

This training can also be purchased as in-company training where the entire team can be trained. An in-company training may provide a school with financial benefits.