(Multiple) Physical disabilities

This special and very inspiring, one-day specialization training supports Rots and Water trainers within regular and special education working with children with (multiple) physical disabilities.

Whether the disability is congenital or acquired, a child will have to learn to cope with his disability, accept it and look at the possibilities and opportunities that life offers. Here, awareness of qualities and talents, and the development of social and communication skills are important processes in a child’s life.

The Rock and Water program can support these processes. Especially for children with disabilities. It makes them more resilient and it lets children experience that you can learn to make your own way in connection with others.

This one-day training consists of 8 contact hours with an estimated course load of 20 hours.

Click here for a short introductory video.

Practical information

Locations: Sportcentrum Oudenrijn in Utrecht.
Costs: € 280 (exempt from VAT). Cost includes coffee, tea, lunch and book.
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Duration: The training includes one day with a contact time of 8 hours and an estimated course load of 20 hours.
Trainer: Jordy Heinsdijk


This course is a specialty training course. Therefore, it is recommended that you first attend the three-day Rock and Water Basic Training to gain a full understanding of, and insight into, the Rock and Water program before participating in one of the two-day specializations. Full Rock and Water Trainer accreditation can only be obtained by completing the three-day Rock and Water basic training.