Intellectual disability

This training focuses on working with young people in a school situation with an intellectual disability ranging from moderate to severe intellectual disability.

Experience shows that Rock and Water is also an excellent method for this target group to support young people in their social-emotional development. Disadvantages in this regard have a negative impact on social well-being, social safety and the degree of functioning in a working environment.

Due to the sometimes limited possibilities for communication, being active appears to be the right way for these young people to learn more about this. There are often also delays in the development of body and emotional awareness that affect the development of self-knowledge and self-confidence, empathic ability and social competence. That is why many exercises are provided for this basic development.

A number of these exercises will be familiar to the certified Rock and Water trainer, but cannot be used in their original form for this target group. Many exercises are provided. By offering these exercises in a slightly different way and expanding them with a number of variations, well-known exercises can be used effectively. Of course, new exercises and new materials are also offered.

The practical part of this Rock and Water training is also supported by theoretical information. Central to this are the consequences of the limitations of these young people for their daily lives during and after their school career. Participants in the training receive a reader in which 3 different series of lessons are described.

The training is presented by Bouke Bisschop, Advanced Rock and Water trainer / specialist physical education teacher.

Practical information

Locations: This training only takes place in Sports Center Oudenrijn near Utrecht. In addition, it is possible for a school/organization to purchase the basic training as an in-company (for more information see ‘In-company Trainings’).
Costs: € 275,- (VAT exempt). Costs include coffee, tea, lunch and reader.
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Duration: The training consists of one day with a contact time of 8 hours and an estimated study load of 16 hours.
Trainer: Bouke Bisschop


This one-day specialization is only accessible to the certified Rock and Water trainer who has completed the three-day basic training. Therefore, please indicate when and where you attended the three-day event when registering. All trainers are stored in the Rock and Water database.