Posters and action cards

All Rock and Water materials listed below are available in both Dutch and English and can be ordered at [email protected]. Please include your shipping and billing address in your email.

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There are several types of poster sets available. These posters can be used at school or within organizations to speak the Rock and Water language.

Poster set Stephen Michael King

These posters were designed especially for Rock and Water by renowned Australian children’s book illustrator Stephen Michael King. The poster set consists of 10 A2 posters (single-sided gloss laminate) of high quality. The ten posters cover important themes and lessons within Rock and Water and are perfect for visually reinforcing the program at school. This reminds students of the important lessons in a fun, playful way, thus increasing the transfer to everyday (school) life.

The poster set can be ordered for €95 per set (including VAT, excluding shipping). The posters are only available as a set and not sold separately. If you would like to order the posters, please send an e-mail with the billing and shipping address to [email protected].

Posters now also on postcard (A6 format)

The introduction of the new poster set by illustrator Stephen Michael King had a very positive response. Therefore, in addition to the poster sets, schools came with the request for a smaller format to hand out to students: for example, with a congratulations, compliment, and/or nice message on it. This is a great way to encourage transfer to both the classroom and at home. Meanwhile, the first copies have been printed and the cards can be ordered per set of 10 for €7.50 (excluding shipping, including VAT).

Poster set various

Several Rock and Water Posters have been developed that focus on specific themes, including bullying, setting boundaries and body language.

The posters (A2 Format) are not laminated and are sent rolled up in a tube. There are also some English Poster sets. Prices below include VAT.

Set 1 (Currently out of stock!)
Out of stock


  • Rock and Water Greeting (2x)
  • Centering, grounding and focus (3x)
  • Bullying (2x)
  • Body language (1x)
  • Rock and Water house (1x)
  • 4 Golden Rules of Communication (1x)
Set 2


Set of 2 posters: €55 (excluding shipping)
  • Body language (tunnel and beach pose) (2x)
  • Bullying (1x)
  • Compliments & scolding (1x)
  • Playing and living (1x)
  • 4 confrontation rules (1x)
  • Self-image (1x)
  • How do you deal with aggression? (1x)
Set 3 (girls)


Set of 3 posters: €30 (excluding shipping)
  • Bullying (1x)
  • Rock and Water Greeting (1x)
  • Centering and Grounding (1x)
  • Tunnel and beach attitude (1x)








Action Cards

Action and reflection cards have been developed especially for the training ‘Rock en Water and children/youth with (multiple) physical disabilities’. These 31 cards (printed on thin cardboard) were developed to support this particular training. The cards show various Rock and Water exercises and points of interest (action card) and the reverse side shows questions to ask after an exercise (reflection). These tickets can be ordered for €42 (excluding shipping).

Sample Action and Reflection Cards
Sample Action and Reflection Cards