All Rock and Water materials listed below are available in both Dutch and English and can be ordered at [email protected]. Please include your shipping and billing address in your email.

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Rock and Water wristbands

The beautiful orange blue colored silicone wristband with the text “Rock and Water” reminds students in a fun way of the important R&W lessons and thus increases the transfer to daily (school) life. The wristbands have a circumference of 180mm. Nice to hand out at the last class!

Price: € 1.00 each (minimum print run 30 pieces). Including VAT, excluding shipping costs. For an edition of 100 or more: € 0.85 per piece.
Price: €1.00 each (minimum print run 30 pieces). Includes VAT, excludes shipping costs. For print runs of 100 or more: €0.85 each.


Cost: €1.80 p/piece (minimum print run of 20). Excludes shipping costs.


Rock and Water keychain

The Rock and Water keychain, equipped with a stress ball in the colors of the logo, is a nice gift to give to students after classes. The ball symbolizes what students have learned and reinforces the transfer to everyday life.



Rock and Water pillows and Targets

Pads and Targets with the Rock and Water logo that can be used during training sessions cannot be ordered through the Institute. However, the pads, if desired with the Rock and Water logo and discount, can be ordered from Aiki Budo Sport / Ronin B.V. (website: www.aiki-budo.nl). Aiki Budo provides this service independently of the Rock and Water Institute.



Rock and Water Polo shirts (for trainers)

Cost per shirt € 35.00 incl. VAT. Shipping costs € 6.95 (NL)

The Rock and Water shirts are worn by Rock & Water trainers, Advanced Rock and Water trainers and the Rock and Water Master Trainers. They are available from size XS to XXXL and there are men’s and women’s models.