Autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The Rock & Water program can also be used for children/young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD for short). Because these children/young people are undergoing specific development and often have specific support needs, this two-day specialization training has been developed. The training is supported by the book “Rock & Water and children with autism spectrum disorders”.

The training focuses on the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program related to the qualities and developmental problems of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. During this training, participants learn how to use the various Rock & Water skills in dealing with, training and educating children/young people with autism spectrum disorders.

Due to the psychophysical didactics and the clear Rock & Water concept system used within a clear, positive human concept, Rock & Water has a special added value to education and training for children with ASD.

Goals are:

  1. Theory: Acquiring knowledge and insight regarding the entire autism spectrum of children with ASD, with and without an intellectual disability.
  2. Practice: Developing more body awareness, becoming aware of and getting to know your own emotions and energy, expressing and learning to channel emotions and energy, dealing with tension and exciting situations, learning to sense and indicate your own boundaries and gaining insight into other people’s boundaries, gaining a sense of tactile relationships, increasing the attention span, increasing the physical and mental resilience, learning to better manage one’s own behavior with the concepts of rock and water.
  3. Bullying: It is a sad truth that children with autism are bullied more often and are less resilient than others. An important theme in this training is therefore:
  • recognizing and preventing threatening situations
  • recognizing boundaries being crossed and learning to set boundaries
  • defending one’s own boundaries and for young people (and older people) with Higher Functioning Autism (HFA) specific resilience training in the form of scenario training based on the ABC + D system

The two-day training consists of 16 contact hours with an additional estimated study load of 20 hours.

1. An insight into Autism in combination with an intellectual disability by Marc Boas, for the Trailer: Click here

2. Neurophysiological underpinning of the Rock and Water program with regard to bullying behavior: Click here

Practical information

Locations: This training takes place in Sports Center Oudenrijn near Utrecht and in Ghent. In addition, it is possible for a school/organization to purchase the basic training as an in-company (for more information see ‘In-company Trainings’).
Costs: € 560,- (VAT exempt). Costs include coffee, tea, lunch and the Rock and Water ASD Book.
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Duration: The training consists of two consecutive days with a contact time of 16 hours and an estimated study load of 20 hours.
Trainers: Freerk Ykema, Theo Kamervaar en Stijn Janssens


This two-day training is a specialization training. To participate in the training you must be a certified Rock and Water trainer. It is therefore mandatory to first complete the three-day Rock and Water Basic Training to gain a full insight and understanding of the Rock and Water program before participating in these two-day specializations. Therefore, please indicate when and where you attended the three-day event when registering. All trainers are stored in the Rock and Water database. Only by following the three-day Rock and Water basic training can you obtain the Rock and Water Trainer accreditation.

This training can also be purchased as an in-company training where the entire team can be trained. An in-company training can provide a school with financial benefits.