Advanced Training

Through the Advanced training, teachers are trained to present a One Day Introduction Training (EDIT) to their own school or organizational team. The EDIT is limited to the basics of the Rock & Water Program. The content of this training is prescribed and recorded in the Rock & Water Practice Book for starters.

The Advanced Trainer has the right to present this EDIT to the team of his/her own school or organization to which he/she belongs.

The Advanced Trainer does not have the right to independently offer the EDIT to other schools or organizations. In such situations, the EDIT is organized by the Rock and Water Institute/Gadaku Institute.

Purpose of Advanced Training.

The purpose of the Advanced Training is to further deepen and improve personal and professional (Rock and Water) development. Also, the goal is to train certified Rock and Water trainers to provide One Day Introductory Training (EDIT) to teachers/employees in their own schools to enable a broad approach. The training is not an accreditation for the freelancer to offer Rock and Water teacher trainings independently.

Admission Criteria: The training is intended for certified trainers who have at least one year of experience working (that can be traced) with the Rock and Water program and have participated in at least one additional 2-day specialization training.

Advanced Trainer Accreditation.

  1. Trainers Affiliated with a School: The Advanced Trainer affiliated with a school or organization becomes authorized to conduct a One Day Introductory Training to the school where he/she is employed and must strictly adhere to the contents of the Starters Practice Book. The Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL is not responsible for the quality of this training. It is up to the school/organization to determine if a teacher has enough quality and experience to enroll in the Advanced Training and then train their own school team.
  2. Freelancers: There are now a good number of Rock and Water trainers in the Netherlands and Belgium (and far beyond) who offer themselves as freelance trainers and/or have set up their own companies. The following applies to these trainers: They can use the newly acquired accreditation and offer an EDIT only if this EDIT is coordinated by the Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL. This means that contracts between the relevant school or organization, the trainer and the Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL will be drawn up by the Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL. The course of action to be followed is then as follows:
  • The school/organization makes a commitment to the Gadaku Institute / Rots and Water NL.
  • The trainer makes a commitment to the institute and is also paid by the Gadaku Institute / Rots en Water NL according to a fixed rate.

In this way, fixed prices for a defined quality product are guaranteed. The Gadaku Institute / Rots and Water NL thus maintains oversight and quality control of the Rock and Water program. It is important for each trainer to realize that both the R&W program and the individual trainer/freelancer will benefit from this approach.

The Advanced Training takes place once a year (first week of June) at Sportcentrum Oudenrijn (near Utrecht) and once a year in Australia (Newcastle).

This two-day course consists of 20 contact hours with an estimated course load of 40 hours.

Interested parties can express their interest by being placed on an interest list. This is a non-binding list that commits to nothing.

Placement on the list has the advantage that three weeks before the public tender opens, these interested parties are given the opportunity to register in advance.

Call: 0224-213346 for more information and send documentation.

Location:Sportscenter Oudenrijn near Utrecht

Trainer: Freerk Ykema (with assistance from RW Mastertrainers)

Cost: €860. That includes:

  • The Rots & Water Starter Book
  • Rock & Water shirt
  • Rock & Water power point presentation
  • Rock & Water stress ball
  • Coffee/tea/lunch
  • Dinner on the first day