Focus on Girls

This two-day training focuses on the basic skills and concepts of the Rock & Water program related to the specific development tasks and qualities of girls and women. During this training, participants learn how to use the various Rock & Water skills together with other, new exercises to support girls (secondary education) and women to be able and dare to live life from their own strength.

Objectives of the training include:

  • Awareness of one’s own body, posture, emotions and reaction patterns;
  • Feeling strong in your own body, being allowed and daring to trust yourself and your own strength.
  • Feel your strength, experience it and give it direction.
  • Experience that you are strong and learn to convert this strength into actions.
  • The use of mental strength connected to inner strength.
  • Dealing with exciting situations without losing contact with yourself.
  • Feeling and experiencing your own personal space and being allowed, able and daring to occupy this space.
  • Learning to take action in ‘paralyzing’ situations

Besides theoretical foundations, we will mainly work practically with various working methods during the training.

The training is presented by Linda Geraeds, Rock & Water Master Trainer. Linda has extensive experience as a counselor and body worker, both in working with children, young people and in women’s care. This training is for teachers, care providers, trainers/coaches, therapists and also a very interesting further training for Rock and Water trainers who want to support girls and/or women to learn to live life from their own strength.

Practical information

Locations: This training only takes place in Sports Center Oudenrijn near Utrecht. In addition, it is possible for a school/organization to purchase the basic training as an in-company (for more information see ‘In-company Trainings’).
Costs: € 560,- (VAT exempt). Costs include coffee, tea, lunch and the Rock and Water FOG manual.
Duration: The training consists of two consecutive days with a contact time of 16 hours and an estimated study load of 16 hours.
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Trainers: Linda Gereads


This course is a specialty training course. Therefore, it is recommended that you first attend the three-day Rock and Water Basic Training to gain a full understanding of, and insight into, the Rock and Water program before participating in one of the two-day specializations. Full Rock and Water Trainer accreditation can only be obtained by completing the three-day Rock and Water basic training.

This training can also be purchased as in-company training where the entire team can be trained. An in-company training may provide a school with financial benefits.