Incompany Training

Would you like a Rock and Water training to be conducted at your school or organization? That is certainly possible. Both the 3-day Rots and Water basic training and the various specialization trainings can be presented on location.

The training is customized under the following conditions:

  • There are a minimum of 15 participants
  • The school or organization provides appropriate, safe and spacious accommodations
  • The school or organization provides catering, a beamer and a whiteboard/flip chart
  • Preferably, the training days will be consecutive

By mutual agreement, dates will be arranged and it will be seen which trainer will present the training.

For more information or a quote request, please contact the Rock and Water Institute at [email protected]

One Day Introduction Training (EDIT)

Introduce the entire organization or school team to Rock and Water? You can! The Rots and Water Institute offers special introductory trainings presented by specially trained and accredited Advanced Trainers or by one of our Master Trainers. The Rock and Water program focuses on increasing social skills and self-control, self-reflection and self-confidence. The program is suitable for both boys and girls in Primary, VO and (secondary) Special Education.

The 1-day introductory training is designed to introduce the entire team to the program’s methods and objectives. It is also the best and fastest way to introduce the program school-wide and support already functioning Rock and Water trainers within the school or organization. With this, the whole team experiences the program and what it does to you. Also, after this, the whole team speaks the same Rock and Water language and can use it in their own classes.

The content of the day is described in the Rock and Water Starter Book and consists of: learning to ground and center, breath power exercises, learning to feel, respect, set and defend boundaries and the Rock and Water frame of reference on different levels (physical, emotional, mental and social).


Practical information

Locations: An EDIT can only be organized as in-company training. There is no open enrollment. The school or organization provides appropriate, safe and spacious accommodations.
Costs: €1,605 (exempt from VAT). Cost includes 12 Rots and Water Starter Books (€32.50 p/each). The school or organization provides catering, beamer and a whiteboard/flip chart.
Times: Commencement 9 a.m. Ends 5 p.m.
Duration: Minimum of 8 contact hours
Number: Maximum of 30 participants (this number can be increased by mutual agreement)


The 1-day introductory training does not train to become a full Rock and Water trainer. The participant is introduced to Rock and Water, but this does not mean that the participant may and can work with the full basic program. However, it does serve as good preparation for, for example, the 3-day basic training or one of our other specialization training courses, and enables participants to better support their colleagues to carry Rock and Water school-wide.