Working with families

In 2020, the new specialization ‘Rock and Water working with families’ was introduced. Naturally, the psychophysical Rock and Water methodology is central to this training. In this training, working with families is covered in a broad spectrum, ranging from training without specific requests for help to working with families in which psychiatric problems play a role.

This two-day training focuses on working with families in various situations including:

  • working on an outpatient basis at the family home
  • in a group
  • as parent-child training
  • parent guidance.

The days consist largely of exercises, assignments and other active work methods. In addition, theoretical backgrounds are presented on families, parent-child interaction and family-oriented work.
It is explained how existing exercises can be used in a family-oriented manner and their effect on family dynamics. Specific attention is also paid to the difference between training and therapy, and the related possibilities and limitations of a Rock & Water trainer. In addition, attention is paid to the personal development of the trainers, their own role as parents, and the (ongoing) influence of their own upbringing.

The following topics are covered:

  1. Offering accessible family training in groups (several families with child and parents together) with no or moderate problems. This training can, for example, be part of a school offer.
  2. Working on an outpatient basis with individual families with mild to moderate problems.
  3. Working with families with serious, often psychiatric, problems.

The two-day training consists of 16 contact hours with an additional estimated study load of 16 hours.

Target group: This training is intended for Rock & Water trainers who learn more about family dynamics and how the Rock & Water program can be used to have a positive influence on this.

Practical information

Locations: This training only takes place in Sports Center Oudenrijn near Utrecht. In addition, it is possible for a school/organization to purchase the basic training as an in-company (for more information see ‘In-company Trainings’).
Costs: € 560,- (VAT exempt). Costs include coffee, tea, lunch and reader.
Times: Starts at 8:30 am (entry possible from 8:00 am). End 5:15 PM.
Duration: The training consists of two days with a contact time of 16 hours and an estimated study load of 16 hours.
Trainers: Freerk Ykema, Jordy Heinsdijk en Gerle Ykema


The two-day training is a specialization training. To participate in the training you must be a certified Rock and Water trainer. It is therefore mandatory to first complete the three-day Rock and Water basic training to gain a full insight and understanding of the Rock and Water program before participating in these two-day specializations. Therefore, please indicate when and where you attended the three-day event when registering. All trainers are stored in the Rock and Water database. Only by following the three-day Rock and Water basic training can you obtain the Rock and Water Trainer accreditation.