Rock and Water Trainers

Are you looking for a Rock and Water trainer in your area or want to check if a trainer has the proper accreditation? Then you can find a list of certified trainers below. This is only a limited list that includes only trainers placed here at their own written request. The trainers on this list have completed at least the 3-day Rock and Water basic training. In addition, you can find whether the trainer has taken certain in-depth training courses (e.g. for other target groups).

When hiring an external Rock and Water Trainer, it is recommended to always inquire whether the trainer has an original Certificate of Good Conduct (in Dutch: VOG) and the appropriate prior education; the trainer is qualified to work with children and/or adolescents (such as a teacher, psychologist, etc.). In addition, the presence of one’s own teacher at classes is strongly advised.

Rock and Water trainers function independently of the RWI, which means the Institute cannot fully guarantee the quality of the classes. If there are complaints about a trainer, the RWI would like to be notified. Is your trainer not on the list? If so, please contact us at [email protected]

If you would also like to be included on this list, please submit a request to do so at [email protected] stating the dates of your Rock and Water basic accreditation and any Rock and Water specializations.

The abbreviations for the specialization training courses taken stand for:
ADV: Advanced Training FOM: Focus on Girls and Women
ASD: Autism spectrum disorders GEZ: Working with Families
BS: Primary School Training TR: Psychosocial Trauma and/or Grief
CON: Consult VB: Intellectual disability
FB: Physical Limitations
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