Successful Rock and Water training for 200 employees Wolfsbos schools

For several years, students at Wolfsbos have been receiving Rock and Water lessons. After many positive experiences, the idea arose to introduce all Wolfsbos employees during the school-wide study day with the Rock and Water program.


Own Boundaries & Communication:
The program for all Wolfsbos employees started with a theoretical, interactive introduction by workshop leader Freerk Ykema of the Rots en Water Institute Netherlands. Ykema explains to the staff: “Rock and Water emerged from practice where the effectiveness of the program has been confirmed by many studies. Rock stands for being able to indicate one’s own boundaries, to make decisions independently, to go one’s own way. Water stands for communication, being able to listen, look for solutions together, and respect the boundaries of others.”

Professional development
After a few simple exercises to warm up the muscles, the staff got down to the practical part in the school’s sports hall. Ykema explains, “The exercises and simple games that the employees started working on today require little skill, however, the fun and learning effect can be great. It shows, the employees are very serious about the assignments but fortunately there is also a lot of laughter in the gym. Even a few hours of Rock and Water training in this way can have a positive impact on both personal and professional development”.

New insights
During the practical party of the Wolfsbos study day, exercises and games are regularly interspersed with moments of psychoeducation, self-reflection and circle discussions. In conclusion, a processing assignment for optimizing transfer from practice to practice follows. Dries Koster, director of Wolfsbos indicates: “Learning to use the Rock and Water concept also gives our staff more insight into social situations and the impact of their own behavior. As a school, we therefore consider it important that not only our students but also all of our employees are introduced to the Rock and Water concept. Given all the positive reactions, an absolutely successful study day with great new insights.”

Note to editors:
For more information, contact Sytske Poppinga (Communications/PR Wolfsbos), tel. 06- 39 57 06 87 or e-mail: [email protected]

Photo: Wolfsbos employees enthusiastically engage in Rock and Water training.

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